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I am sure I won't be the first person to tell you that the most important thing someone can do when staging their home to sell is to de-clutter.  Go through each room of your house, and clear out some items to leave the room looking as clean and clutter free as possible.  Also, a big consideration should be removing some furniture.  Professional stagers will remove as much as half of someone's furniture when staging a home to sell.  I am not suggesting that drastic of a cut, but do what you can, because in the end it will make the house feel larger and more open. 


Most people have a space in their home where all the miscellaneous items end up.  Whether this is an entire room or just a corner of a room, it is time to change it out and give it purpose.  Think of it, clearing out a space that houses your kids toys or a magazine collection, or whatever, and turning it into a cozy reading nook.  Investing in a comfy armchair, table and lamp can sell your home faster and for a lot more than what you spent on upgrading that space.  Or, making a meditation or yoga room.  You don't have to spend much, maybe a couple rubber mats, a mirror or two and some pillows, and ta-da, you have your tranquil space.  Who knows, you may even be inclined to use it too! 


Great lighting is often that one thing that draws you into a home and makes it feel so special.  You may not even realize it either.  That is why, oftentimes, lighting is overlooked, but shouldn't be.  Some things you should consider; increasing the wattage on lamps and fixtures.  A good reference point is 100 watts to 50 every square feet.  Also, if possible, try to have three types of lighting in each room.  That means overhead lighting, pendant or reading, and accent (either wall or table).   


Best rule of thumb when choosing paint for staging a home - neutral.  You don't have to stick with beige either.  These days, even a soft blue-green will work beautifully too.  Bold wall colors may be stunning, and fit your style and furnishings to a tee.  However, chances are that buyers will only see that more work will need to be done when they move in.  Research shows that the offers tend to be lower with bold colors on the walls.  So, focus on the larger spaces to start, and work your way down to the smaller spaces if possible.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging wall art is hanging it on the same high line all around the house.  You may not see this, but to others, it can render your beatiful art almost invisible by doing so.  Don't be afraid to stagger it, or create groupings that don't follow the traditional thinking.  You want it to stand out, not blend in!


Creating a bedroom space that makes potential home buyers feel as if they are at a luxurious resort has a big impact, and will go miles in helping to sell your home faster and for more money.  I suggest buying new bedding, and in colors that are appealing to most (think neutral).  If you don't have a bed for all your bedrooms, and buying beds is not feasible, a staging trick I have used in the past is to buy a frame and an air mattress, and make it look pretty.  And, if you are really crafty, you can even create a headboard out of wood and fabric.  Also, remember to clean out those closets.  Storage space is very important to potential home buyers.


Remember how I mentioned "luxurious resort" in bedrooms?  Keep this flow going into the bathrooms as well.  Be sure you have anything professionally cleaned that you just can't seem to get sparkly enough yourself.  It makes a big difference to buyers.  Also, accessorizing is key and relatively inexpensive.  Using rolled up towels, and matching sets of candles and baskets can help the space feel like a spa. 





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